My Man
My Man

Our Approach

We here at Shar Pei Central are dedicated to sharing as much information as possible about both Standard and Miniature Shar Pei's. We know owning a Shar Pei can sometimes be a challenge with varying characteristics, body shapes, and health concerns. We want to be your helping hand throughout your furry friends life, and if we do not the information please feel free to contact us so we can help you in finding it!

Our Story Wrapped In A Bundle

It all started with an ad about a Miniature Shar Pai for sale. I knew and loved the Shar Pei breed, but miniature I had never heard of. We set off to go see what a Miniature Shar Pei could be like and boy did we find out! Everything that makes a Shar Pei desirable but in a smaller body! My love deepened as my little boy grew, and his personality proved to be like no other dog.

I was hooked, and my journey began.

I have since started this site as a community for Shar Pei owners and lovers alike, what ever information you need on Shar Pei's can be found here all in one convent place. I now also run a breeding program of select Miniature Shar Pei's to grow the breed and improve their disposition, statue, and health. My goal is to bring the healthiest and best puppies to the most caring and informed homes.

This is where Shar Pei's are the centre of the universe

The Lady Running the Show

You can call me the woman behind the scenes making everything seamlessly flow in the hectic dog world.

Giovanna Canini

Founder & CEO

The biggest Mini SharPei lover thus far. Giovanna is a huge lover of animals and is always lending a hand to those in need. If she is not reading a book or curled up on the couch with her fur babies she is at the barn with her beloved horse.

Johnny Cash

Vice President

The most particular gentleman; Johnny loves always being in the know and making sure his loves ones are always by his side. His only fancy is dried beef liver and bull testicles on occasion.

Edya Steep Strain


Edya is a pure lady; her favourite is dressing up and pouncing around with excitement. She also loves to use her words and let you know about everything going on. Food is the only way to Edya's heart!

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